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  • Sterimar Allergy Response - 20ml
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Sterimar Stop & Protect Allergy Response Nasal Spray - 20ml

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Stérimar™ Stop & Protect Allergy Response nasal pump is scientifically proven to provide rapid and effective relief from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis including blocked, runny, itchy nose, sneezing and tingly and watery eyes. With a base of natural sea water and a patented complex, this innovative formula, enriched with sea minerals, unblocks nasal passages and encapsulates, inactivates and neutralises the allergens.

Our solution, inspired by nature, provides long-lasting hydration and forms a protective and invisible film, preventing allergens from coming into contact with the nasal cavity to provide reinforced effective protection against further allergic reactions and chronic conditions developing.

How to use Stérimar for adults and kids: 

Stérimar has a unique nozzle that disperses the solution in very fine droplets further up the nose for increased efficacy. Stérimar is easy to use at any angle.

  1. Prime the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle.
  2. Insert the nozzle into one nostril.
  3. Press briefly without tilting your or your head backwards or sniffing.
  4. Blow your nose.
  5. Repeat in other nostril.
  6. Clean the nozzle after application with soapy water, rinse and dry.

Use as often as required or as recommended by your doctor.

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