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  • Schick Exacta 2 Regular - 5s

Schick Exacta 2 Regular Disposable Razors - 5's

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Closeness and Precision in Twin Blades 

The 2-blade Exacta 2 Razor makes for a smooth, quick shave. The narrow head helps you get all those hard-to-reach areas like under your nose and a rubber grip handle adds comfort and stability to every stoke. Plus, one push of a button makes for easy rinsing between blades. 

  • Twin Bladed System 
  • For Normal Skin Use 
  • One Push Cleaning Button 
  • Rubberized Handle 

Usage Directions: 

  1. Wet shaving area to softens your hair, allowing the razor to glide more easily. 
  2. Apply shaving cream to help wet hairs, improve razor glide, and help protect against irritation. 
  3. Check the lubrication strips, if the blades feel dull while shaving, it may be time for a new cartridge. 
  4. Use light and gentle strokes, letting your razor do the work. 
  5. Shave both with and against the grain as facial hair grows in many directions. 
  6. Apply moisturizer or after shave to help your skin feel soft and comfortable. 


  • Blades are sharp tools, please handle with care. 
  • Please keep the blade away from children. 
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