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Nutriforte Lactoghurt Probiotics with FOS Chewable Tablets - 60's

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Probiotic bacteria are living organisms which are sensitive to environmental exposure and their viability is easily affected during processing, storage and ingestion. In traditional probiotic products, a large number of bacteria are killed before they reach the intestines. The transition period in stomach at pH 2-4 which can take up to 2 hours, often kill more than 90% of live bacteria, unless the bacteria is protected.

Nutriforte Lactoghurt uses a dual-coating technology called Duolac™,a patented dual coating pH release technology, to protect probiotics against gastric juices and bile acid. 

Patented in the US, EU, Japan and Korea, Duolac™ protects probiotics from stomach acids and delivers the probiotics to the intestines alive, safely and in good condition to colonize and multiply to exert its action.

In comparison with uncoated strains, the number of probiotics which reaches the intestines alive is about 10 times higher.

Nutriforte Lactoghurt, the 4th generation probiotics protects bacteria from stomach acids and delivers them to the intestines safely, and then adhere to the intestines easily.

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