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  • Nivea Super Vit Youth Protect Golden Fruit - 180ml
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Nivea Extra Bright 10 Super Vitamins & Skin Foods Youth Protect Body Serum - 180ml

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NIVEA Extra Bright 10 Super Vitamins & Skin Foods YOUTH PROTECT Body Serum is enriched with 150x Vitamin C and Collagen Protect to deeply repair dull skin for Youthful, Plump, Radiant, Smooth and Tight Skin in 5 Days. This concentrated formula not only absorbs quickly but is non-sticky.

  •  150x Vitamin C to repair dull skin and brighten skin
  •  Vitamin E, A, B3, B5 and B9 for deep nourishment
  •  Super Skin Foods of Lemon, Golden Apricot, Golden Peach and Golden Mango to renew for Youthful Skin
  •  SPF15 to protect skin from the sun
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