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  • NHF Organic Spirulina 200mg Tablet - 1000s
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NHF Organic Spirulina 200mg Chewable Tablets - 1000's

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High levels of nutrients, especially cyanin, the "food diamond". The special production process makes the soft cell wall of Helicobacter pylorigians thinner, making nutrients more easily digested and absorbed.

65% protein, of which 95% is digestible. By comparison, chicken contains 24% protein, of which only 20% is digestible.

  • 25 times more carotene than carrots.
  • 3 times more vitamin E than malt.
  • The most vitamin B12 and vitamin B complex among wholesome food sources. It has 5 times the amount of calcium found in milk.
  • 2-6 times more iron content than beef liver, and 23 times that of spinach.
  • An abundance of natural organic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals.
  • More anti-toxins, like SOD, than other wholesome foods.
  • More chlorophyll than alfalfa or wheat straw.
  • Glycogen which is rarely found in plants. Glycogen can be stored in the liver, providing more energy source. Completely alkaline, rich in antioxidant nutrients.
  • From the seashore of nature reserve, raised with 600m deep well water.
  • Suitable for vegetarian, indigestion patients, children and seniors.
  • No maltodextrin, no aspartame, no magnesium stearate.
  • No preservatives, non-GMO, no chemical additives, no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring, no contain gluten.
  • Approved by Drug Control Authority (DCA)of Malaysia.
  • Pharmaceutical grade (Traditional Medicine)  
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