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Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar - 473ml (16oz)

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Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar begins with fine quality apples and crystal clear water. With its clean, mellow flavor, it's ideal for your favorite salads, marinades and recipes. It has the required 5% acidity required and is useful for many purposes-weight loss, detox, conditioning hair and balancing pH levels.


Made from the juice of apples, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5% (50 grains) acidity.


  • As natural cleanser: 
    Use Heinz® Cleaning Vinegar to clean your microwave, cutting board and other kitchen areas where you prepare food. A natural alternative to other cleaners and chemicals.
  • Keeps coffee tasting great: 
    Remove mineral deposits from your coffee pot by filling the reservoir with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar and running through a brew cycle. Rinse thoroughly with two brew cycles of water. Then enjoy fast, fresh, hot coffee. (Please check with your appliance's manufacturer's instructions about the use of vinegar for cleaning).
  • Preserves food: 
    All Heinz® Distilled White Vinegars and Apple Cider Vinegars are "pickling strength" (5 percent acidity), which means they are at an acidity level thats recommended for successful, safe home preservation of foods.
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