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  • HealthWest Ionic Silver - 500ml

Healthwest Pure Ionic Silver Ions Liquid - 500ml

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HealthWest Ionic Silver is specifically designed to entirely overcome the inherent limitations of colloidal silver technology and provide a pure Silver Ion solution with a built-in delivery mechanism to shield it from chloride and other salts in the body, enabling it to be delivered intact to where it is needed.

What is Ionic Sliver?

HealthTechInno Pure Ionic Sliver Water is an Australian product that consist of Pure Sliver ions at 16-20PPM (parts per million) and purified deionzed water.

HealthTechlnno Pure Ionic Sliver is a refined antimicrobial solution with zero side effects whatsoever.State of the art technology behind Healthiest Ionic Sliver allows the positively charged Sliver Ions (AG+) to be in a stable state,without any other colloids,metal particles or stabilizing molecules as proven with all our lab reports to back the purity of our product.

HealthTechinno Pure Ionic Sliver's unique qualities are backed by 25 years of R&D in the sliver water industry,thus making them the leading brand in Australia.



  • Ionic Sliver kills bacteria,Viruses and Fungal organisms upon contact thus taking care of our common issues like cough,flu,fever,yeast infection,foul breath body odor and many more.
  • Known as a natural antibiotic with ZERO side effects.
  • More than three millennium histories as an effective anti-microbial agent.
  • Sliver Ions,AG+ in the pure drinking water neatralised the anaerobic bacteria and pathogens on our body.
  • Composite of Ionic Sliver Water
  • Purified De-ionized water
  • 16-20ppm Sliver Ions

According to the Western Australia Health Department of Australia ,Ionic Sliver is safe for lifetime consumption.

Application Guide: 

Ionic Sliver can be taken orally,applied topically,gargled or nebulised. It can be taken anytime of the day. The consuming Ionic Sliver orally,drink 6-8 glasses of purified water daily to flush neutralised pathogens from the body.

Acute Conditions: Adults: 20-30ml hourly, Children under 12: 10-15ml hourly

Preventive measures: Adults:10-20ml twice daily, or add 20 ml to 200ml of pufied water and drink throughout the day, Children under 12: 10 twice daily, or add 10ml to 100ml of purified water and drink throughout the day.

Ingredients: Positively charged silver ions

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