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Gillette Venus 5-Blade Extra Smooth Razor - 1 Handle + 2 Blade Cartridges

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Gillette Venus Embrace is created with 5 razor blades to hug every curve and get virtually every hair. The result is an ultra-close shave and unsurpassed Venus smoothness.

  • Venus Embrace has 5 curve-hugging razor blades plus a Ribbon of Moisture for glide to help provide a comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts* *vs. Venus original 3 blade razor
  • With Venus Embrace razor blades, get virtually every hair to help the skin on your legs look super smooth
  • Feels dramatically smoother longer* *vs Venus original 3 blade razor
  • Sleek handle with enhanced grip
  • Use with Venus Embrace Blade Refills and Satin Care or Venus Shave Gels

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