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Gillette Simply Venus 3 Basic Disposable Razors - 4's

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What are Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razors?
Gillette’s Simply Venus are disposable razor features 3 blades for a closer shave than traditional disposable razors. The MoistureRich strip helps the razor to glide along the skin easily and skin protective microfine to help reduce nicks and cuts.

How does Gillette Simply Venus work?

The 3 blades of the Gillette provide a closer shave than traditional 2 blade razors. The skin protective microfins help to reduce nicks, cuts and irritation for smoother results. The comfortable, non-slip handle ensures safe and convenient use.

How to use Gillette Simply Venus?

Venus Razors are easy to use. Wet the skin and apply shaving gel. Work the gel into a lather then use your Venus razor to start shaving. Shave upwards on your legs, starting at your ankle and shave upwards and shave in all directions under your arms to catch every hair.
For an extra luxurious shaving experience, try Gillette Women’s Shaving Gel

How often should you change your Venus Razor?
Changing your razor or razor cartridge regularly is so important, as dull blades can pull on the skin causing cuts and clogged blades will not provide a close shave. How often you should change your razor depends on how often you shave:
Daily: Change your cartridge every 1-2 weeks.
Every other day: Change your cartridge every 2-3 weeks. Once a week: Change your cartridge every 4-6 weeks.

When NOT to use Gillette Razor Blades?

Do NOT use Venus Razor Blades if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients used in the moisture ribbon (see ingredients tab for full list). These razor blades are suitable for external use only.

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