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Follow Me Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch Shampoo - 320ml

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Sensitive or itchy scalp will find relief in FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch pH-Balanced Shampoo. Inspired by Japanese technology and infused with natural green tea antioxidants and natural extracts, it stops excessive oil production, leaving scalp clean, and hair bouncy, shiny and smooth with a fresh 48-hour scent.

How To Use: Pour out adequate amount, apply on scalp and hair with a little water, lather well, rinse thoroughly with water.


  1. Change Your Routine, Transform Your HairItchy scalp due to oil and sweat under a hijab is common in our humid weather. Control it with powerful Green Tea antioxidants which keep scalp healthy and hair bouncy with a fresh 48-hour scent.
  2. Say No To Flat Hair DaysIs your hair frizzy curly at the bottom but flat at the top when you remove your hijab? Fret not. Green Tea antioxidants and natural extracts will quickly resolve these issues. Bounce back from zero to wow in no time.
  3. Keeping That Smell Under Wraps?Sweaty hair under a hijab can itch and lead to hair loss and dandruff. Why risk it? Green Tea is proven to keep the scalp fresh and hair strong with a fresh scent that lasts for 48 hours. Try this scent-sible choice.

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