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  • Flexiseq Gel - 50g
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FlexiSEQ Osteoarthritis Gel - 50g

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FlexiSEQ is specially formulated to help fight against the pain and stiffness associated with joint wear & tear and osteoarthritis.

Clinically proven to relieve joint pain and improve mobility, FlexiSEQ uses unique SEQ Tech® to help lubricate and protect your joints.

Our products are drug-free and can be used long-term and alongside medications without drug interactions or exacerbating pre-existing conditions.

Use FlexiSEQ and say YES to life!

  • Sequessome Technology® or SEQ Tech®, as we call it, is the driving force behind FlexiSEQ. It changes the way we approach osteoarthritis and joint wear and tear to better improve joint movement and relieve the pain of arthritis.
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