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  • Fishermans Friend - 25g - Variants
  • Fishermans Friend Original - 25g
  • Fishermans Friend Sugar Free Lemon - 25g
  • Fishermans Friend Sugar Free Mint - 25g
  • Fishermans Friend Sugar Free Original - 25g

Fisherman's Friend Lozenges - 25g (21 Lozenges) (Original / Sugar-Free Lemon / Sugar-Free Mint / Sugar-Free Original)

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  • Strong, intensive and a true Classic. First formulated in 1865 and literally on the tip of everyone’s tongues ever since. With its perfect, unique and original blend of eucalyptus and menthol, this sugary flavour has been iconic from the start - often imitated, yet unmatched. There is just one Original.
  • When? Clear your head - and throat
  • Why? True taste of real classic
  • Wow! and done

Sugar-Free Lemon

  • Fisherman’s Friend Lemon was our very first fruity flavour almost 30 years ago. And to this day: Lemon sparks fun - and above all freshness. Because the excitingly strong lemon taste with its refined tartness always gives you that lovely little yellow summer feeling.
  • When? Everytime you need to refresh your mind.
  • Why? Time to lemonize yourself.
  • Wow! It’s a lemon state-of-mind!

Sugar-Free Mint

  • First date? Meeting with the boss? Visiting the in-laws? Fisherman's Friend Mint gives you a kick of freshness and helps you to stay cool - with the legendary and unique minty taste. So clear your head and off you go! And by the way: not only mothers-in-law love compliments.
  • When? Boss' office, fancy restaurant or all alone on the stage
  • Why? There's a challenge? There's a goal? There's no problem!
  • Wow! Get ready for unique mintiness

Sugar-Free Original

  • You tear open the package and you know right away: In just a moment things will be ... whoaaaa! Strong in the throat, fresh on the tongue and icy on the breath. Well, this is Fisherman's Friend Original. And the best part of it all: You can experience this unique freshness kick over and over again. Try it out - but put on your warmest coat.
  • When? It’s time for the strong cool stuff.
  • Why? Don't ask, it's the original
  • Wow! We told you so
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