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Bio-D Orbit Lizard Repellent Spray - Lemon Scent - 500ml

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Bio-D Orbit Lizard Repellent Spray is a 100% non-toxic surface spray which repels lizards and keep your home and family safe. Just spray on surfaces to repel lizards and prevent Salmonella infection.

  • Easy to Use - Just spray on the areas you want to keep free from lizards
  • Non-toxic - Safe to use throughout your home, around children, pets & food

Did you know Lizards can actually help you to reduce the population of insect preys by preying on flies, mosquitoes, moths and cockroaches, so we recommend just repelling from areas you don't want them and not killing, to keep your home safe from other insect pests.

How it works: Orbit Lizard Repellent contains two natural active ingredients - EGX-101 is derived from wild tomato plant and effective repels lizards and BluOxy is a plant-based sanitiser proven to eliminate over 140 pathogens including Salmonella.

How to Use: Keep bottle upright and spray surface using appropriate sprayhead nozzle setting ('Spray' setting can reach up to 1 meter; 'Stream' setting up to 2 meters for targeting hard to reach lizards.)

Spray on surfaces where lizards are known to crawl or hide (behind kitchen cabinets, under electric appliances, curtains etc.)

Re-apply as often as desired. It is recommended to spray once every 2 days to maintain repellent effect.

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