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Appeton Wellness 60+ Balanced Nutrition For Senior - Vanilla Flavour - 400g

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Appeton Wellness 60+ is the first and only clinically proven food for seniors.

Clinically proven to:

  • Improve nutritional status
  • Improve overall nutrient intake
  • Improve appetite
  • Reduce risk of protein-energy malnutrition
  • Reduce risk of nutrition related anemia


  • Balanced Nutrition Food
    Complete with macronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein and fat, helps to fulfill nutritional status among seniors. The energy distribution is designed according to the United States Dietary Reference Intake (US DRI) for elderly and the fat profile complies with The American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee guideline.
  • Specially formulated with Energy Complex. This helps to release energy effectively at cellular level through metabolism.
  • Contains specific proteins for seniors. It is formulated with slow release protein and with lower protein content which is more suitable for the deterioration of renal function as a result of aging.
  • Specially added with inulin to meet the unique physiological needs of elderly.
  • Free from cholesterol, trans fat, lactose and gluten.
  • Suitable for lacto vegetarian

Who are recommended to take Appeton Wellness 60+?

  • Healthy seniors
  • Malnutrition seniors
  • Sick/Recovering seniors

Direction for Use

Preparation method:
For one serving, mix 200ml of warm water with 5 levelled scoops of Appeton Wellness 60+ (53.2g).

  • As dietary supplement (oral use):
    2-3 serving per day. Suitable for healthy seniors who needs additional nutritional intake, seniors with malnutrition and seniors who is sick or recovering from illness.
  • As meal replacement (oral use):
    8 servings per day or follow physician’s and dietitian’s directions. Suitable for seniors who depend fully on oral nutritional supplement.
  • As meal replacement (tube feeding):
    Use under medical supervision. Please follow physician’s and dietitian’s directions. The flow rate, volume and dilution depend on the patient’s condition and physiological tolerance.
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