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  • Allergoff Neutralising Spray - 400ml
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Allergoff Allergen Neutralising Spray for Pollen, House Dust Mites, Pet Allergens - 400ml

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Remove allergens from your home safely and effectively with Allergoff Allergen Neutralising Spray!

Allergoff Spray neutralises common household allergens including pollen, fungal spores, house dust mite allergens and pet allergens. Providing 6 months protection against dust allergens in a single application.

Allergoff Allergen Neutralising Spray helps prevent allergies and the development of common allergic conditions including hay fever, asthma, and atopic eczema in infants.

Where these conditions (hay fever, asthma, atopic eczema, allergic conjunctival inflammation) have already developed, Allergoff Spray helps to reduce and prevent common symptoms and has been clinically proven to reduce the intake of anti-allergic medication.

Simply spray Allergoff Spray onto areas such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpet, rugs, curtains, air conditioning filters (remove filter from air conditioner before applying product), car safety seats, car upholstery, plush toys, pillow, etc. Creating a clean and allergen-free environment within your home, work, school, car.

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