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Alcon AO Sept Plus Contact Lens Solution - 350ml

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Ao Sept Plus Solution - Wellcome PharmacyAlcon AO Sept Plus with HydraGlyde Solution - 350ml - Wellcome Pharmacy

AO Sept Plus lens care system can be used for cleaning, disinfection, neutralisation, protein removal and storage of all types of contact lenses including silicone hydrogels.


1. Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel.
2. Open the lens holder marked L and place your left lens on the dome. Close lens holder taking care to avoid trapping your lens.
3. Repeat procedure with your right lens placing it on the dome of the other lens holder marked R.
4. Open the flip top cap on the AOSEPT PLUS bottle and bend it back and out of the way.
5. Thoroughly rinse the lenses in the lens holders with AOSEPT PLUS for 5 seconds.
6. Fill the cup with AOSEPT PLUS solution to the fill-line. DO NOT UNDERFILL OR OVERFILL.
7. Place lens holder in the AOSEPT PLUS cup and screw closed. Do not shake the cup.
8. Store lens case upright. - If bubbles leak from the hole in the top of the lens case's cap,non-neutralised AOSEPT PLUS solution maybe present. Empty the solution from the lens case and wash off any spillage from the surface on which the AOSEPT PLUS lens case was standing. Thoroughly rinse the AOSEPT PLUS cup and lens holder with sterile saline. If spillage occurs, clean up immediately with a paper towel. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses or touching your eyes. REPEAT THE DISINFECTION PROCEDURE ABOVE.
9. Allow lenses to soak for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight to neutralise solution.
10. Remove your lenses from lens holder.
11. Your lenses are now ready to wear.
12. Discard used solution, rinse the AOSEPT PLUS cup and lens holder with sterile saline - DO NOT USE TAP WATER OR NON-STERILE WATER.
13. Allow them to air-dry by invertting the lens holder outside the cup.
14. If you do not intend to wear your lenses immediately after disinfection/neutralisation, you may store them in the neutralised AOSEPT PLUS solution, in the unopened AOSEPT PLUS lens case for up to 14 days. Disinfect and neutralise every 14 days with fresh solution and before wearing your lenses. If recommended by your eye care professional: - Rinse lenses before insertion with sterile saline.


Preservative-Free, aqueous solution with hydrogen peroxide 3%, phosphonic acid (stabiliser), sodium chloride, phosphate (buffer system), poloxamer (surfactant) and AOSEPT PLUS lens case with AODISC* neutralizer-cleans, disinfects, neutralises (minimum soak time 6 hours), removes protein and stores all types of contact lenses including silicone-hydrogels.

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