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Azyma Care Clay Body Wash with Botanical Extracts - 100ml

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  • 100% original mixture: Azyma clay Bodywash made from 100% Kaolin clay and sprout blend. It does not contain any artificial materials, making it a safe natural product & originally become.
  • Control more oil: Kaolin that absorbs more oil, amateur is appropriate to help those with greasy skin problems. 
  • Reduce pimples & blackheads: Unclean periods of masonry will bring acne & blackheads problems. Azymacare Clay acts like a magnet – draws out more oil & impurities from the pore. 
  • Pampering & resting the skin: Lifestyle full of busy and stress will melt the skin. Botanical Treatment Mask is capable of resting tired skin. The smell originally so from dried plants will also rest your mind. 
  • Free of 6 harmful chemicals: No need to worry about harmful materials & side impressions, the Azyma Clay is free from Diethanolamine chemicals, Parabens, Silicones, Lyrals (Fragrance) and animal fats. Get fairer skin easily & safer.
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